Welcome To The New Site!

We’re thrilled to launch our new website today, along with some exciting new ways of offering website design services to small businesses. After years of designing websites from scratch (which we still do, don’t worry!), we noticed a trend. Most startups don’t have a lot of input on how they would like their website to look in the beginning. Many new companies and small businesses don’t have much input on the content at all. They simply want it to be affordable, look good, convey the right message, and work the way it should. It should be so simple, right?

To all those small businesses and startups out there: we hear you. We understand the need to develop a great looking site on a small business budget. And we’re here to make it happen! That’s why we’re kicking off our new site with the addition of dozens of website starter templates to base your website off of from the get-go.

Starting with a template not only sets your site up for success, but it minimizes the cost of developing a website. Want us to completely customize everything and make it yours? Sure, we can do that. Want to keep costs to a minimum and update the content yourself? Yep! That can be done as well.

A few of our website templates

Whether you’re a “do it for me” type or a “do-it-yourselfer”, we make it as easy and efficient as possible to get up and running with a great looking, fully functional site.

No matter how you choose to have the site developed, we’ll handle all of that confusing backend server hosting stuff. Focus on the things you want to, and none of the things you don’t.

We hope this process not only makes building a website more efficient and affordable but also makes it much more fun for you! As it should be.

Until next time.

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